WordPress Design and Development

Many modern websites are built on top of a content management system (CMS) which makes the long term maintenance of the site easier. In an ideal world, a CMS will allow a non-technical site owner (or their staff) to maintain the website without needing the services of a professional designer or webmaster.

I build the majority of my websites with WordPress, an open source software. Originally designed as a blogging tool (currently it is the most popular engine for blogs), WordPress has evolved over the years to become a powerful, flexible CMS.

WordPress makes it easy to create and edit pages, update text and photos, and provides a canvas for strong search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Perhaps most importantly, WordPress has a huge community of contributors, and the software has thousands of useful modules available called plugins which can help WordPress adapt to whatever needs you have.

Custom WordPress Websites

Though it is possible to launch a WordPress site quickly and cheaply (the software is free), it takes a lot of work to customize, just like any website. I’ll work with you to create a unique and beautiful user interface (“look and feel”), help you organize your content into logical, user-friendly pages, secure great imagery for your site, and help you establish a strong SEO foundation for your site.

WordPress Websites based on a Premium Template

For startup companies or personal websites for which cost is the biggest factor, I am able to work off of a so-called ‘premium’ template to get a head start on development. There are several good sources on the web for finding richly featured, contemporary templates for WordPress, just waiting for a skilled hand to customize them.

Please contact me with any questions. If you’d like to get started developing or re-developing a site, you might like to fill out my Web Design Questionnaire, which is always step one.