Email Marketing

Email marketing is a valuable way to keep up with your clients and customers. I can help you set up the whole process, or help you improve any of the parts that aren’t working. Here’s what you need to take hold of your email marketing plan.

Email Service Provider

Many entrepreneurs wonder why they can’t just use Outlook for their email marketing. There are lots of reasons, but limits on how many emails you can send through your ISP is one big factor, and another is that there’s so much more to email marketing than just sending emails. A good service provider gives you all sort of tools to simplify and automate the tasks you’ll be doing—manage your email list, create plain text and HTML versions of your campaign, and allows you to see how your email is being received via reporting.

The biggest name in the field is Constant Contact, though there are zillions of others, including Vertical Response, Mail Chimp, and Campaign Monitor, to name just a few. I’ll help you choose the right one for your situation.

Email Registration on your Website

Though most of the big email services provide code for you to publish on your site to allow users to join your email list, the code they give you usually is not that great. You also want to add options for joining your email list when a user makes a purchase, or whatever other major actions are available on your site. These kinds of ‘secondary registrations’ are not possible to do with the standard sign-up code provided by the email providers.

Graphic HTML Emails

The tightly designed ads you receive in your inbox are HTML based emails. A graphic or HTML email is little more than a mini webpage, broadly speaking. However, it does require specialized knowledge to code an HTML email so that it looks (more or less) the same in the dozens of applications people commonly use to read email (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Gmail, mobile phones, etc.)

I have been sending out HTML emails since 2004, and I think I’ve got it down. Do you want to deliver graphic email? Are you having trouble with the emails you’re sending out? We should talk.

A sample email template

A sample template for one of my clients

Email Design

All of the email service providers listed above let you use a template to generate your emails. That’s fine if you want something blocky and ugly. When you’re ready to send out sophisticated and unique looking email, you need a designer, preferably one who understands the limitations of email (Hint: — I do! ).

The visual design is only half the story, though. The other half is the story: what are you going to say in your beautiful email? I have years of experience helping my clients craft messages that are consistent in tone, succinct, personable without being hokey, and easily read.

Questions about email marketing? Drop me a line.