7 responses to “Possible fix for jQuery’s Wrap function for IE8”

  1. Paul Ouano

    Exactly what I needed!

  2. Russell Robinson


    I was just doing some final pre-release testing on our new hosted forms service, and found this problem in IE8!

    A quick search found your article instantly, and the solution worked almost as quickly!

    Thanks again.

  3. seemly

    I found a similar issue with ‘prepend’ and ‘append’ – I wanted to wrap the whole internal contents of a div and thought I’d try prepending an opening tag, the append the closing tag, but it didn’t work as the prepend also created the closing tag automatically (in firefox), so I have had to try something else.

  4. Vitaliy

    Thank you, works great!

  5. Robert Speer

    Thank You! this fix makes no sense but appears to work in IE8, still fighting IE7

  6. Krischan

    Thanks alot!

  7. Myke

    You saved my life! thanks!
    Wrapping an element in multiple things works in IE7 and 8 similarly:


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