10 responses to “IE Error – Invalid Argument – when using Typekit”

  1. Spencer

    Thanks a lot, w3c validator pointed me to my own broken span tag which fixed my Typekit js error.

  2. Ross

    Thanks, had the same problem but couldn’t see the open tag buried in the code.

  3. john

    same issue here–so glad i found your post!

  4. Johannes

    The same for me. Make your HTML-code valid and you’ll have no javascript-error!

  5. Greg Babula

    Thanks for the tip, I just had the same error while fixing some bugs for a co-worker of mine and I spent a good amount of time looking through the JavaScript for errors and found nothing

  6. Nicolas

    The JS error is gone! Thanks for sharing this simple but effective tip!!!

  7. David McNamara

    Thanks. Lifesaving tip. Saved me hours of debugging!

  8. Van Wilson

    Thanks a million for this tip!

  9. Marie Alhomme


    Didn’t think that it would work so well, I did have an unclosed time tag, so it really is a very sensitive script ^^

    Thanks again for the time saved, cheers!

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