Hi. My name is Christopher Cox. I am a freelance web designer and developer in Seattle.

I work with companies, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to help them create unique, professional looking websites that are both user friendly and search engine friendly. I excel both as a designer, offering complete visual design solutions, and as a front end developer writing sites that meet contemporary web standards.


I’ve been freelancing full-time since 2009, and part-time for several years prior. I’m largely self-taught in the ways of the web (if you consider devouring books and blog posts self-taught!), though I trained as a graphic artist at Virginia Tech in the days before the internet — can you imagine there was such a time? No internet?

What I Do

I typically launch three or four new sites per year. The rest of my professional time is occupied with email marketing, maintenance, and updates for existing clients. I consider it a hallmark of the trust and communication level I develop with my clients that they keep calling me up for upgrades, revisions, and advice as the web churns on. I enjoy being a trusted resource.

Beyond the Pixels

When not sitting in front of my Mac (which is really not that often!), I love to garden, work with my Kelpie mix Rye on dog agility, cook, eat and drink. I live in a little known pocket of North Seattle called Pinehurst with my amazing girlfriend Erin. I’m a typical Seattleite in many ways: a slave to coffee (favorite latte = Vivace), complain about the gloom but can’t imagine living anywhere else (except maybe Hawaii!), and enjoy living in a politically blue part of a largely blue state. Oh yeah, and the baseball offseason depresses me — I’m happiest from April to October. =)